Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Tomorrow I leave for my annual girlfriend trip! Yeah! This year our group of eight is heading to Costa Rica for 12 days. I am packing my bags and have included this year's art kit:
-my sketch book and pencils
-5 stabilized (with "steam a seam lite") fabric sheets, along with fine line black markers and 6 fabric markers for coloring. I want to make background pieces, much like the one I did earlier this year.

-a small bag of hand-dyed scraps for raw edge applique work...I want to make outside pockets for bags...maybe I'll applique butterflies, lizards, flowers, birds, or whatever else inspires me on our travels. And of course I am bringing along small scissors, thread, needles and a few pins.

I've also been thinking about shopping as we go. Lately I've been in the mood to de-clutter, so adding more to my already sufficient collection of travel souvenirs isn't high on my list. I love the open markets and many of my friends are keen for searching out flea markets, so I have in mind a quest for new textures for printing...plastics, woven materials, or ?????
Stay tuned.

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