Tuesday, January 7, 2014


My "2014 Grateful Everyday" jar is located on my kitchen counter. Today I am grateful for a number of fiber-related things:
-my CyberFibre friends who are constantly sending me amazing quilted treasures and ideas via email. This online quilt journal group has been an important part of my creative life for over five years now, and they truly help to feed my soul. Our core group of five has recently been wonderfully invaded by four newbies who have brought great energy and enthusiasm, and it's terrific!
-my new subscription of "Quilting Arts" on my new tablet. Having the ability to receive a magazine subscription WHERE EVER I AM is an INCREDIBLE gift to this gypsy quilter.
-my "sewing ladies" of Mazatlan.  These local women are such models of grace and patience, and such fun too. They loved the "grateful jar" idea too and I believe they'll be making their own.
-my friend, Patti, who dropped off about ten meters of muslin that at one time was used to cover her furniture in the summer time.  Now it will be ready for the sewing ladies to dye. Gracias Patti!
Here's something I'm not thankful for...my trusty, 40 year old Bernina had a blowout last week. I only sewed for 5 minutes when I heard a "pop" and then saw smoke coming out of one of the plug attachments. BUT my friend Marie left her machine here in Maz I have tracked it down. I am hoping to use it for the duration of January and February. That's a good thing.
AND, in three days I head off to Costa Rica with my Castor Bean Sisters (my traveling sisterhood.) Time to get my sewing stash prepped and packed. This time they (airport security) will NOT take my needles and scissors away from me!
Grateful everyday!

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