Saturday, February 13, 2010


carol n cancun 066
I love the moment when images and words connect; their marriage, at least in the mind of the beholder,seems meant to be.
My cousin Carol came to visit two weeks ago. A ten year disconnect gave us great cause to fill in the void with talk and laughter and sharing. Those three days went by way too fast. In response to busy lives and how, for me, I am taking a bit of a breather, she shared her personal term for this: cleansing the palette. Yes, such an appropriate term, and of course actively done to prepare us for the next  flavorful bite of life.
Lonely and forlorn, the unfinished mask hung on my design wall FOR EVER. I had glued up some potential fabric masks and this one never made it past the wall. It was the image of that tongue that connected with "cleansing of the palette". It was the perfect fit. AND it was the perfect size...with a little modifications I sliced it down to the 8.5x11 that I use for my quilt journals. Typically they are done in response to a chosen theme, but this was so ready and so aligned with those meaningful words and a meaningful visit! Now it lives happily among my others and is a great reminder of the beauty of cleansing the palette, AND looking forward to that next delicious bite!
carol n cancun 005