Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I can't believe I haven't posted in over two months. Life has been crazy and leaving me little time for extras like keeping up on my blog. I have been trying to put in time at the remodel project, and then we were off to Canada for three weeks in May. We paid our final farewell to beloved Refuge Cove. It was a bittersweet visit, connecting with friends and also some of my "Cyber Fibre-ists". We had a show at the museum in Campbell River and my visit was timely to pick up my pieces at the close of the show. I was so happy to hear that we were booked again next April in Sidney, BC. I'll be there!
After our trip, I was wild to get back to creating. That's how it is with me...I just have to have that creative outlet! My first endeavor was a total disaster when I ironed on a square of foil that already had fusible on the back - instead of becoming a lovely moon in a star filled sky, it was a massive square of silver that couldn't be erased. Oh well, I say! Next I was off to work on a journal quilt I'd been thinking about quite a bit. My format is mandalas and I put one together to fit the theme "Whispering Shapes". Now I know this was a stretch, but I want to try my hand at a series of mandalas and this theme was the best fit for the finished product.
 My next mandalas will have as their themes "Breakfast", "Found Objects", and "One Hue". Maybe I'll find the time.
Today I registered two pieces for the Oregon SAQA show "Poetry in Cloth". They will be on display at US Bank in Ashland during July and August. I would be happy to be selected for the Oregon exhibition but there are some amazing quilters out there!

And at the top of this post is the piece I will be mailing later this week to SAQA's exhibit "Balancing Act". I love this piece.
Our remodel project is totally consuming but I carve out little snippets of time to sew. I can't say I'm thankful for the super hot weather we're having, but it does keep one inside, and my default location is the studio. Yesterday reportedly got up to 105 (horrible!) but I was able to sneak off to my studio and let all those outside projects GO. Yes!