Saturday, February 23, 2013


I just finished one dozen birds and they are heading to Glen Roger's gallery here in Mazatlan (Luna Gallery: for her March bird show. Here they are, in all their feathered (and quilted) glory.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I just returned from an amazing two week trip with girlfriends to Guatemala, and yes, this is textile heaven.
Fifty percent of the country's population is indigenous, and the traditional dress is commonplace. These women were waiting for lunch. Every village has a different design, and like we saw in Chiapas last year, you can identify a person's origin from the dress they wear.

We visited a children's dance/music center where they performed traditional dances for us in traditional dress, representing many of the surrounding villages. They were precious beyond belief!

We visited Lake Atitlan, where we stayed at Jenna's bed and breakfast in Panachel. Jenna is a fabric nut like me and does so much with the traditional huipoles. This tapestry above is pieced from old huipoles and hung above our bed.
Here is Jenna's fabric stash!!!!

We visited villages along the lake, and in San Juan we went to a women's cooperative. Here they gave us a demo of the dyeing and weaving process, along with use of the backstrap loom. Jeannette is modeling a traditional skirt blouse and belt, with a folded cloth on her head to keep out sun.

Barbie even got into the act there.

And let's not forget the shopping. Here is just part of a thread display. Aren't the colors amazing?

BC and I discovered the sale bin at Nimpot. These huipoles sold for about $8US each. What fun we had. Needless to say, my bag was full of fabric on the trip home. Guatemala is definitely on my list for a return trip!