Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I have many lives...maybe I'm a cat. Seriously, they all relate to where I am. Sometimes, like today, I see the photos on my camera and they take me back to another life. Just a week ago I was back in southern Oregon, dyeing with my friends in Cynthia's basement. I found these photos on my camera of Cynthia rolling out some lovely "slotted disks" in three earthy browns. I loved the result.

I miss you all, my dyeing friends up north: Christine, Cynthia, Lene. Have LOTS of fun without me and teach me something new next spring!

I'M BACK....

It's so great to be back in Mazatlan. We are busy with getting our house clean and in order after our eight months of being away. I am getting reaquainted with some of my old pieces  that mean so much to me.

 I am setting up my sewing station and dreaming of creating again. Of course!!!

And best of all, I am seeing old friends, both gringos/expats and locals alike and feeling such warmth of spirit. It's like I never left. This morning was my first visit with the sewing ladies and they are still going strong. The cruise ships are returnung to Mazatlan, just a few for now, but their return is HUGE! Hopefully sales will be up.
Another winter lies ahead...I wonder what will be in store for me??

Monday, December 2, 2013


The process of using a quilted piece as a print plate (my last post) was so intriguing that I thought my friends might like to try it too. I invited them to make a free-motioned piece, cover it with a sheer poly, burn or melt the sheer (for texture), then we would get together for a print-fest (regular Monday afternoon dye session). Both Cynthia and Christine produced some interesting free-motion patterns that printed up really well. Cynthia printed the one above and this floral/leafy one below.

You can see Christine pulling the print (white) off of the quilted fabric plate (gold and black) below. Great design, yes?

Here is another of hers where she used both yellow and black print paste for the printing.

I printed some up too but the quilt plates I made were more of a solid pattern, and the results were less than interesting. Next time, I will follow my friends' examples and stitch in different elements.
What  have I learned about printing quilted pieces?
-Begin with an interesting quilted pattern that has some focal elements;
-When brushing or rolling the print paste onto the quilted print paste, use a light touch. You want good coverage on the high spots, but don't press so hard that you mash the fabric down. Christine used a brush and I think more definition emerged.
-Print paste should a good consistency...not too thick and not too thin.
-I don't think that the whole burning/melting thing is really necessary for printing. I think it detracts from the finished pattern on the print.
-Two colors add good interest.
For now, I've had enough of this little experiment, but it's still back there, swimming around in my head. Also swimming in there is my upcoming migration to Mexico, so further printing of quilted cloth will have to wait. I have some ideas brewing...for warmer climates!!!