Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I made these with my dye group this week. Fun!
I finished this piece yesterday. It's for the tell a story contest in Quilting Arts.

Something has drastically changed on the blog site...must investigate!

Friday, November 18, 2016


It came early this year. In my limited experience of 7 years here in the valley, this year's "weather" has come early. Typically I've enjoyed beautiful autumns lasting till Thanksgiving. After that it seems to go to hell. But this year? Much earlier. 
We've had daily fires in the wood stove for a month now. Leaf raking is a frequent activity. I seem to be making stews and soups more...yum! And best of all, my studio is getting a good workout.
Just finished a top that was very spontaneous...I started it Monday night after our local SAQA meeting. Inspired by the election.
There's always good inspiration at our meetings. Here is a portrait from a photo by Deb Runnels. "Praying for Rain".
When possible, I try to make it to the Monday dye session at Cynthia's. There's been a leaf craze lately. Silk screened leaves. I love this photo!
Lots more going on in my fiber world. To be continued...