Sunday, October 20, 2013


Dear Tom, THANK YOU for the new fantastic sewing space you helped me create in our small closet. It's PERFECT!!! I LOVE IT!

And what have I been doing? I'm working hard on my SIGNS OF LIFE project and now have 58, yes 58!!! small journal quilts WITH STORIES for my SIGNS OF LIFE PROJECT! Yeah!

ANd my new favorite book is Elizabeth Barton's Inspired to Design. I am definitely attracted to her sense of light and composition. I thought I'd put together a simple Barton-inspired piece for my quilt journal theme of "Windows". The next book on my list is her Working in a Series. I now like to work a series for a full year.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


One of the great things about living in southern Oregon is the close proximity we have to amazing places. Whatever the direction, you will find beauty and interest and something new to explore.
Last weekend we found a slim window to take off for a 3 hour drive west. I had never been to the southern end of the Oregon coast. Tom had cycled it over 30 years ago, but basically it was new territory for both of us. And the weather forecast was great.
The journey to the ocean wound along the Smith River and through the Redwoods, traveling next to massive, old, full-of-life-and-history trees.
Once at the coast, we spent time driving north along highway 101 to the town of Brookings and onward to Gold Beach. We wanted to check out state campgrounds and other areas for future visits.
Turning back south, we ended up at Crescent City, California, another beautiful oceanside town.
Here we saw a huge reconstruction project to repair and refurbish the tsunami-damaged harbor.
And some very lazy sea lions.
The tide was low so we were able to walk out to the Battery Point lighthouse and visit with the volunteer caretakers. I saw a Bernina (just like mine) in the window as we walked around the building. What would it be like to live (and sew) at a lighthouse for a month?

Late afternoon, we found ourselves a picnic table for our daily game of cribbage. Surfers and beachcombers were in the distance, along with the rhythmic sounds of the ocean. And I won!!!

We found the local cinema for an evening movie ("Gravity"), and a small hotel to catch some sleep. We woke before the sun and headed back east towards the Rogue Valley. Our 30 hour vacation was well worth it!