Thursday, January 30, 2014


Costa Rica came and went (wonderful trip!) and I returned to a full schedule of divine dye days. My winter open studio time has begun and so far I've encountered only eager dyers. Faithful Rosemary from Toronto is back and she brought her friend Sharon with her who HAPPENS TO BE  FROM KLAMATH FALLS,  OR...which is close to our home there. AND we have a mutual friend. Such a small, small world!

Two Mexican neighbors showed up at my doorstep last weekend, wanting to make customized tee shirts for Sunday's cancer run, to honor their survivor friend, Gaby.


Yesterday some local friends arrived to build up their stash for more collage work. AND a great local painter added some lovely flowers to a tunic she wanted to spruce up.
Today my "sewing ladies" joined me for a fast and furious dye session. They were so eager to try new things and they have been to my place enough that they seem quite comfortable. My Spanish suffers greatly, but I stumbled through the day, practicing over and over the verbs for pour, rinse, mix, squeeze. We had a great time and they are so appreciative.

 I love the group dynamics of trying new things and watching what everyone produces, seeing a small thread of a technique morph into the day's favorite method. I am so grateful for my wonderful studio that draws all these wonderful dyers to my doorstep and my sink!

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