Thursday, April 25, 2013


This is Kathe's mess. (We thought it was a little work of art!) Yep, dyeing is messy business, but so fun. She joined us today at Christine's house for her first ever dyeing session. We made her sign a disclaimer beforehand so as not to blame us if she gets hooked. She brought over a wine-stained tablecloth (that she's rinsing below) and then went on to create eight napkins. I can't wait to eat at her house!!!!


It's so wonderful to have friends who love to dye AND invite me over to dye with them. My little space here in Southern Oregon is a bit confining so I'm always so appreciative AND EAGER to hang out with other dyers (Christine, Cynthia, Lene, Kathe too!). Gracias amigas!

Today I worked on a specific batch of colors for a commission and somehow the dye didn't take....argh! I think the problem is in the soda ash; I'll be checking on that one. I did come home with some nice camouflage pieces....this orange and a green one too. Here it is full of darkened printpaste.

Christine was busy with adding black lines to this jacket, and also another batch of parfaits. A fun day, AND really not messy at all.