Thursday, January 2, 2014


     The streets of downtown Mazatlan will be bustling this Friday evening. My studio will be one of many with doors open to the public, and inside will be the first exhibition of my Signs of Life Project, a collection of 62 journal quilts documenting my life in 2013. These small, hand-dyed collage creations feature my signature signage, birds, and unique style, all accompanied by stories that tell of special events, people, travels and experiences from the past year.
     The photo above is of the self-published book from this project that I recently produced through It was the perfect activity for my stifled energy when I broke my foot in November. I love thumbing through the hardcopy of this personal journal. I recently lent it to a friend and this is what she said:
     "We were both blown away by your book. What a treasure! We feel privileged to have been allowed a glimpse through this window into one year of your life, as well as to have been given some background and history about you and your family. You have a remarkable way with words that makes some scenes come alive. Thank you for sharing with us. Having read Signs of Life has given us even greater admiration and respect for you as a gifted artist, and as a giving, caring, and loving individual."
     I am humbled and honored by her words. This little note is going in my 2014 "grateful jar" where I'll be documenting small wondrous moments of this upcoming year.
     See you at the Artwalk!

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