Sunday, April 11, 2010


dinner 005
 One of the many great volunteer organizations here in Mazatlan is PAC, or Projecto Animales de la Calle. Jan McDonald and her many devoted helpers (Susan, Danny, Judith, Tracey, etc. etc.) work to help the dogs and cats of the street - those forgotten creatures that are quite abundant here. They use a program known as TNR (trap, neuter,return) and have helped to stabilize the population here in the Centro district of Mazatlan. Their main fundraiser is the annual Bow-Wow Meow Mixer, a fun buffet/cocktail party and auction, which generates the majority of revenue for the group. I always try to make a little something with a dog/cat theme, and this year I was stumped on what to make. A wonderful blogger, Jude Hill of Spiritcloth, shared info about an Anchorage surface design project headed by Diane Melms (the Alaskan glue!) of students creating primitive and bright animals on fabric. My inspiration had arrived! I got out my scraps and got to cutting. The pillows were a hit and raised a nice sum for the group. I even got a commission for more pooch pillows, as seen below. Doobie and Lolita's mom and dad love them!
lolita 006

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