Thursday, April 22, 2010


It's Earth Day, and my computer greeted me with the question, "What are you doing for Earth Day?".
Maybe Earth Day has now become as important as Easter and New Years and Christmas and Valentine's Day and any other holiday that is taken on by the marketers. I hope so. At least it has risen above Groundhog's Day and Secretaries' Day (sorry secretaries, I don't mean to belittle your job!) I'm waiting for the day when its an international holiday, celebrated world-wide with celebrations to raise our environmental consciousness.
Along with packing up my belongings for our upcoming trip back north,  joining some friends for lunch, and sharing dinner at our sweet 84 year old Mexican neighbor's house, I don't have many Earth Day activities planned. Perhaps the finishing of a recent collage is appropriate.
 collage hear my plea
I recently gathered a group of women for a collage class. It was a fun day of "intentional" dyeing, another day of design, and a final day of free motion quilting. My creation was of an earth angel, which turned out not exactly as I envisioned, but my message of our need for angelic help is there. Yes, we need help, and lots of it. Our poor Mother Earth can't get a quick face lift; she's stuck with what we dish out to her. And stress, being the killer that it is, is taking its toll on Mother Earth.
close up
While I'm at it, I really want to congratulate my three students on their awesome creations! Dragonflies, bassett hounds and beach scenes (and earth angels) filled our days. The colors and compositions are fantastic. And Nancy, you have now set me off on a cheesecloth is an amazing and versatile dyeing tool.
collage class 006collage class 002

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