Monday, April 26, 2010


pedro4To say adios is not to say goodby, but to say I am passing with no time to chat, yet will return another day, my friend.
Adios Mazatlan, adios friends. I am only passing, soon to return.
The threads of your people and your culture have woven their way throughout my my heart, mi corazon, my soul, mi alma.
Neighbors of all ages with friendly greetings to welcome us with our white skin and angular speech.
Music heard at every corner, arias and concertos coming from the apertures of the plazuela, young ballerinas chatting in groups outside their studio door, and competing musicians entertaining their local audiences on the benches.
Of course the events: Carnaval, Moto Week, Semana Santa, Navidad. There is always something to entertain, to enjoy, to feed the soul and help to shadow the daily sorrows and pains of life.
The fiestas! The birthday party at the Senior Center was our highlight this winter, with a spunky attendant helping her 90-something wards shimmy and shake their way across the floor to take a swing at the pinata. Be it a baptism or a street party, the elements are always, family, friends, food and music. What else matters?
My daily walks on the oceanfront or up to the lighthouse with neighbor Chayito not only conditioned my body but strengthened our bonds of friendship.
Of course our travels: Morelia with its history and natural beauty, Akumal with is white sand beaches, and Copper Canyon with its depths of landscape and indigenous peoples. Mexico, you are so rich, so amazing, so unique.
And my local friends - be it in yoga or bridge or fabric related - women sharing experiences of life and love and joining together in friendship. Thay are vibrant and alive and an important part of my life.
I can't forget the sewing ladies - they are a bright light to my Mexican experience. If they only knew how much they have given to me with their friendship. Along with cherished partners Bev and Toy, we push them along the path of empowerment. They are so strong!
My 84 year old neighbor took my hand yesterday and with a fortune teller's gaze, she predicted "much love, much health, but not much money - just enough for food!" - and then laughed and hugged me. Here in Mexico, that's what it's all about!
Adios, Mazatlan, adios friends. I am only passing, soon to return.

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