Thursday, April 8, 2010


green fuse final
Last summer I found an old classic at Cortes Island’s Free Store: The Artist’s Way – A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julie Cameron. This was added to my stash of Mexico-bound goods, and once here, I devoted an hour each morning to working through this book. I found it valuable in many ways, mainly digging deep inside to the heart and soul of my own creativity.  This quote was introduced early in the book, with reference to higher powers, life forces, etc..  It really struck a cord with me and I have been wanting to put it to fabric ever since. Many times, I feel, that I am driven to create just as the flower is driven to grow. So this is my current quilt journal entry for GROWTH, representing the growth we experience in so many ways in the creative process.
I wanted to try something simple, without a machine, so initially wrote the quote on with bleach pen, leaving room for a simple flower. For hand quilting, I tried to put in stitch lines that hinted at upward, flowing movement. The last touch, referencing Dylan Thomas was of course added with machine.
Some of you have expressed interest in trying your hand at bleaching. You can try brushing a bleach gel product (Vim with bleach, Soft Scrub with bleach, or Clorox bleach pen) onto a foam stamp and stamping directly onto the fabric. Or you can use it with a paint brush. I typically put the product into a small, fine-tipped bottle for application….I can write with it and fill in shapes, or even create dotted or striped fabric. I order the bottle from Dharma in California, but Maiwa in Vancouver also has them. Someone told me that they may be available in places that sell cake decorating supplies. Once in the bottle, I cover it with fabric or foil as light breaks down the bleach. I usually let the bleach set on the fabric for a few hours before rinsing away the residue, but it can even be rinsed after 10 minutes. So that should be enough info to at least get started in playing with thickened bleach.
Happy spring to all….may GROWTH be with you!

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