Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The big feathered serpent called Alaska Airlines leaves today at 1 and takes us to our northern home. As we prepare to depart Mexico after another winter season, passing through the neighborhood to say our goodbyes, carefully storing my quilted works to protect them from the elements, we reflect on another special moment in our lives.

The warmth of the Mexican sun touches our souls. We carry the warmth of the Mexican people in our hearts. It will last forever.
This recently completed piece, save for the button on the eye of the serpent, was created in response to the trip I took to the Mexico City area this winter. I was moved by the idea that Quetzlcoatl, the winged serpent, was a part of Aztec legend that was long awaited for by the people. What arrived instead, and was sadly mistaken as Quetzlcoatl, was Cortes in his winged sailing ships, followed by his complete takeover with the Catholic Church at the helm. My friends and I climbed the Pyramid to the Sun, raised our hands high at the top to see who was the tallest, and felt the energy of being at this sacred place. 
I hand painted the background, found interesting hand-dyes for the serpent and pyramid, added the sun and feathers, and proceeded to stitch away. Skulls in the pyramid (a common theme), details on the serpent and feathers, and an attempt at the Aztec calendar inside the sun were bleached out.
This 32" x 50" piece is now displayed above my bedroom doorway.

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