Sunday, May 15, 2011


We now claim our legal U.S.  residence as Jacksonville, Oregon. After faking our U.S. address as Fairbanks, Alaska, for the last five years, it feels great to have  our little place in America. Of course not much will change with our seasonal migration between Refuge Cove and Mazatlan. Our Oregon life lasts for 6 weeks in April/May, plus the two months of October/November, the transition times for us.  Southern Oregon, in particular the Rouge Valley, is  truly beautiful. Neighboring towns to our small historical community are Medford and Ashland. Vineyards abound. It's a quick drive to the coast. We like it...a lot!

We just spent the last 6 weeks fixing up our cute little trailer. Midst all the projects, I did get some time to do some fabric play with friends! (Yes, we moved to a place where we know a good number of folks!...How wonderful is that!!??)  My awesome Fairbanks/Ashland friend Christine, hosted dye days and collage sessions. Look at the fun we had!

We had fun just letting loose in the dye studio!
We went from watercolor-like blobs to multi-step stamping all in one enjoyable afternoon.
And then we moved on to collage work in the style of Pamela Allen...I shared what I know with Chris and then pulled in Cynthia for another day.
Looked what we produced!

Lovely composition, Cynthia:

Christine, this piece just flowed out of you. It's so, so , so ....Christine!

I just couldn't resist those buttons!

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