Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Ligia is a friend of mine. She is a single mom with two teenagers (Ligia, 19, and Juan Jose,15) and her 78 year old father. The weight of her family falls on her shoulders, as is so typical in many Mexican homes.  She’s tough, she’s strong; Tom calls her a “pitbull”. On top of that, she’s funny and talented. She began as our half-day-a-week housekeeper more than five years ago, but now she’s certainly more than that.
Her young daughter was scheduled to have her baby at the end of February.  Because Ligia works for a myriad of northerners who make Mazatlan their winter or full-time home, it was only fitting that we have a shower for her. Two neighboring sisters from Holland were the hostesses (with the mostest-es!) and the rest of us were the fortunate guests who just brought sweet baby gifts and enjoyed the pleasure of giving to a woman and her daughter who gives so much to all of us. Oh yes, and the food was fabulous!
I made her a colorful diaper bag. I remember the one I had when Ben was born – dark green, nothing special, jammed with clothes and diapers, pacifiers and toys. I’m hoping it will be a tiny, cheery moment in the reality of crying and dirty diapers; a comment that this baby is special! (as all babies are).
Baby Ligia was born last Monday. Both momma and baby are back at the family home now, settling into new roles. A small group of us went to visit (and get our turn at holding her!) and arrived just in time for her little bath. What a beauty!
Life is tough for our friend, and now there is another mouth to feed. We see the stress she lives with and can only hope and pray that this little girl brings her grama incredible joy and happiness and love to overshadow life's daily struggles.  

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