Monday, March 28, 2011

MI TALLER (my studio)

This winter has sped by! We are two days from leaving Mazatlan and I'm amazed at how another snowbird season was so fast, furious (in a positive way) and full!  A good part of the richness of my experience here can be attributed to my associations with those who came to share in my studio "play days". Twice a week I opened my workshop to up to 4 who came to explore in the arena of fiber arts. In past years I have held more structured classes, complete with handouts and a schedule, and packed the day with everything I believe that EVERYONE should know about fabric dyeing. I took a more open approach this year, just wanting to share studio time with others, giving them the basics and allowing them to "do their thing". I was so amazed at the range of directions that people took, at the variety of projects and products that evolved. We all truly learned from each other...maybe me the most!
Robyn, who shares my hometown of Tacoma, Washington, really enjoyed making these tablecloths. She also added some stamping to a very traditional cross-stitch done by her aunt. Beautiful!

Pam, my non-sewer (I'm working on her!), had fun making tie-dye shirts for her husband. Some she liked so well, she vowed to keep them for herself. On her third and last session, she came with ideas she pulled off the internet for new and interesting techniques. Here's an amazing shirt she produced.

Anne brought her artistic skills from painting and eagerly applied them to fabric. Her first project was to create pillow tops for her grandchildren.

Then she moved into painting on fabric. She pulled two images from the internet and chose one for reproducing on cotton. She put her painting experiences to good use here. I have little experience in that area, so together we took the process poco a poco (little by little) and she ended up with an amazing piece. After washing, she decided to add more color.

Anne's second computer image was used by Olivia, a Mexican neighbor who happened my way. She wasn't quite sure what she wanted to do, so she jumped right in and started putting thickened dye to cloth. I admired her courage and she too came out with an interesting piece.

Basha was one of the last to join in on the fun. She came with a keen and energetic interest in all things dyeable. She set herself up with a collection of beautiful hand-dyes to keep her busy through the long summer ahead here when life slows down to nothing. Plus she created some new outfits for herself.

Here's to this winter's wonderful partners in the fascinating world of dyeing: Bobbie, Anne, Edwige, Heather, Ann, Kathi, Marie, Rosemary, Sharon, Aldo, Basha, Pam, Robyn, Joyce, Nancy, Olivia, Val, Doreen and Anne Marie! Thank you for all your blooming creativity and inspiration. And special thanks to Edwige for her gelato contributions!

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