Thursday, August 13, 2009


The beauty of Refuge Cove is found in the raw, natural environment surrounding us. We have the ocean as our front yard with all of the wildness and mystery and depth that it holds, while my garden and the forest are right out our backdoor. It's everywhere...and we love it! Although our island is immense, we witness very little wildlife. We hear about winter sightings of a cougar or maybe a lone wolf, but during the summer months, we may see a small marten skirting along the beach or a seal surfacing as we paddle along in our kayaks. Squirrels jump from tree to tree and taunt my little dog with their chirping. Bats whisk through the air at night in search of the many bugs filling the sky.
My most faithful and interesting visitor is a barred owl. Every afternoon, when I hear the robins squawking and chirping up a storm, I know the owl is near. Eventually the robins' squawks enter my yard and I begin the search for the owl. He has three favorite perches and I believe he's looking for snakes, baby birds in their nest, or a small mouse or vole. He also sits above my pond where I have ten 4 year old pet store goldfish with their 12 babies. We made a hideaway out of rocks that they can tuck away out of harm's way, and Mr. Owl hasn't managed to get them yet.
But lately he's nowhere to be seen and I haven't heard the robins cry. Where is he? My ear is listening, tuned to the backdrop of the forest. Where is he?

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