Thursday, August 27, 2009


Early Saturday morning, I hopped in the boat for a 15 minute ride to Cortes Island, then took a 20 minute auto traverse across the island to the tiny community of Whaletown. Jan and Carole, co-horts in the Craft Co-operative, put together a group of four for some dye lessons at Carole's place.I brought 2 tubs and a bucket with supplies, while Jan used her wheelbarrow to carry her things from across the road.

A lovely deck in the trees with an ocean view was the perfect setting for our eager group to watch and try out dyeing techniques.

The canning jars and a multitude of other supplies lined our tables.

Helene shows us her work. Notice the moonsnails on the railing and the coastal backdrop.

The buzz of the sawmill drifted through the air most of the day.
Everyone went home with a lovely palette of colors. I will be showing you what I did with mine very soon.

I couldn't help but notice Carole's sewing nook, peacefully located in a shower stall that isn't being used. Clever, yes?Thanks, Whaletowners, for a great day!

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