Thursday, August 13, 2009


Here's Jerry. He is so amazing - married to a beautiful wife, Reene, for 56 years, lives full time on the amazing boat that he built by himself, and has a fantastic and devoted family that he loves to help with building and renovation projects. After all, he was a high school shop teacher north of Victoria, BC, and he obviously is one those guys who can do anything and everything.

Every summer, Jerry and Reene bring their boat north and cruise through the Desolation Sound area for four beautiful months. Along with a handful of other boaters, they make Refuge Cove their "home away from home" and are included in the group we loosely refer to as "locals".

Last week Jerry turned 80! Reene hosted a deck party for all the other "locals" and provided her fabulous pies (blackberry or lemon chiffon) for 60. And she's close to 80 too. Both are my inspiration...still adventuring, still celebrating with friends, still enjoying all that life holds.

So I searched through my box of recycled white clothes and found only one white t-shirt, but just perfect for a quick tie-dye for Jerry's 80th. Doesn't he look great? And I hear he's been seen wearing it at other events. What a guy!

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