Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Is it quilt journaling or journal quilting? I'm not really sure but I know I like it. I have a full plate as it is, but this was a delectable opportunity dangling in front of me (thanks to Barb's great examples at the last guild meeting) so I just couldn't resist. Each month we have a theme and a fun assignment to put together an 8.5 x 11" piece that reflects that theme. September's theme is "ending and beginning to start" which supposedly is a lyric from a Jim Croce song. I looked up his songs but was overwhelmed with the multitude of music he produced... I gave up after looking at Time in a Bottle and Big Bad Leroy Brown! ...I just did my own thing with it.

Of course the teacher in me thought of the summer's ending, school's beginning thing but that's just an old knee jerk reflex from day's past...(I try to squelch those first day back at school dreams -nightmares?- where I'm standing in front of the class with no clothes on!)
Other cycles came to mind...the moon, the tides, our lives, the shape of a circle... I let my fabrics guide me and this is what I produced. Off I sent it to my new journal quilting friends across North America and I await the arrival of their little master pieces to continue the cycles of friendship and inspiration.

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