Friday, September 12, 2008


Yesterday I had a lovely visit from my friend Cathy who spends each summer with her husband on their boat, traveling northward to primitive coastal settings. Cathy is a natural born artist and dabbles in just about everything. I guess dabble isn't the right word because she really produces some amazing pieces, be it photography, watercolors, weaving, etc. She lives her art! They have many friends here in Refuge Cove so also spend much time here, on the before and after sides of their northern travels. They certainly are part of the "local" scene.

Back in May, Cathy and I had a wonderful few days painting silk scarves together. Hers was a fabulous representation of the chakras. Her freedom of expression is always contagious.
During that time she told me she wanted to explore some of the petroglyph sites up north and possibly do some rubbings of them. She wondered if I had any sheets or extra cotton I could give her. Of course!...I am always happy to go into my unused stash of fabric and eliminate a piece or two. I bestowed her with an old cotton sheet and a few remnants and wished her good fortune in her quest.
Three months pass.
So yesterday she shows up with amazing rubbings she made of petroglyphs from coastal rocks far north of here (near Forward Harbor she says) done by First Nations people MANY years ago. The one seen at the top is a deer and is my new treasure. Isn't it fabulous?
She has 6 or 7 others. This one is supposedly a fertility figure, showing a woman with her womb as the circle inside. (Cathy uses a well respected book by Beth Hill as her guide for interpretation.)

This rubbing depicts a figure with a whale or fish on the lower lright side.

We laid them out and began snapping photos. The images even popped out more in photographs. A blurred fish image became easy to see.
My gift of simple cotton came back to me 10-fold. What will I do with my deer print?

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