Friday, September 5, 2008


Here we are again. The light is fading, temps mellowing, I'm wearing a few more layers, and Mexico is filtering through my spirit, calling me as it always does this time of the year. But there won't be any response on our end until November, when we'll depart via jet. Just like a migrating bird, yes?

Until then, I button up the garden, dream up more designs, dabble with my dyes, take care of the daily chores, and trek through my forest for signs of mushrooms. Mmmmmm!
Today I feature my six summer creations from my Cactus Garden Series. All hand-dyed, they have a background that is a blend of a gradation and a painted sky. The colors that I dyed originated in theory from a paint swatch of a rusty burgundy that my clients sent me as the color to work from. I also incorporated a tiny bit of discharging (with one of my favorite products, the Clorox bleach pen) in some of the fabrics which adds a brightener. I added texture by free-motion quilting each piece and then washing them to get a bit of shrinkage happening.

I have already sent three of the pieces (those immediately above) away to live in their new home in Alberta. The remaining three will be featured in my Mazatlan studio.
And I can't help but mention that sweet dog of mine, Spike, who turned 9 this week. She does not have Mexico on her mind. She's happy right where she is!
Happy September to all!

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