Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I just bought a new box of canning jars. Of course I used to have MANY of them but gave them away because I thought I'd never use know how that goes. So now, in the last year, I have purchased three sets : one dozen wide-mouth half-pints to dye pieces 1/8th meter in size, one dozen wide-mouth pints to dye 1/4 meter pieces, and one dozen wide-mouth quarts to dye pieces 1/2 meter in size. I don't know why it took me so long to figure this canning jar thing out. It's efficient, neat, easy to break up the entire process into small time blocks, and I can control the color much easier. I always snug down the lid and ring and shake, shake, shake for a more even color. OR I turn them upside down/right side up for 5 or 10 minute intervals. For uneven color, I put the dye solution in the jar, then the wet fabric followed by soda ash. After snugging the top, I gently flip it ONE TIME, MAYBE TWICE. I love to watch the liquids mix. Some awesome pieces result from this and also are perfect for overdyes.
I also received a dozen white labels with my new set of jars. They are perfect for labeling with the red-yellow-blue formula for each color. I like to dye up a 10 piece pallete so this time I labeled each jar with the specific color formula. TYPICALLY I stretch out a long piece of masking tape on my work surface, line my 10 jars up along the tape, and then write the formula in front of each jar. Either way works fine, but since I had the labels, I decided to use them.
Another reason I love this method is that I can measure out the dyes, one color at a time. I twist off the squeeze top and just pour the correct number of spoonfuls into each jar. Easy and neat.
Once the tops are on and they have been shaken or turned to perfection, I can pack them in the original box until I'm ready to wash them out. The color range and gradation are fabulous.
I just can't get Tom to quit asking "Didn't we get rid of a bunch of those?"

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