Friday, June 20, 2008


Here it is...My new dye studio! Before you make a judgment call here, let me give you a little background.
This is our old woodshed/shop. Last year Tom built a new shop for himself and I immediately had my eyes on this space. (Until now I have been dyeing in my kitchen.) Neighbor Corrine had an old double sink and counter top she was going to take to the "free store" on Cortes, until I saw it and said "HALT!...It's mine!" Tom installed it for me and put in a couple of shelves for dyes, yogurt tubs, sodium know, all that good stuff. I have to drain my water into a bucket for awhile until we get a drain line hooked up, but that's not that big of a deal. I also will be covering up the floor boards because there is an inch crack between each board, and I'm just waiting to drop my measuring spoon or some other item down into the vast abyss underneath, never to be seen again. I saw some old carpet at the "free store" last week and that may be the perfect solution.
I've been christening my new studio all week long. Today's work was 7.5 meters of beautiful palette work. Tomorrow's project will be a sign for the "dog poop compost station". Yep, you heard it right! Gotta manage all those boaters' dogs somehow.
This dye studio may not look all that great from the outside, but it suits my needs perfectly. And, check out the view!
As that old saying goes - Never judge a book by its cover! This is a case in point.

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