Sunday, June 15, 2008


I have resolved to keep this blog as fiber arts focused as I can so I was searching for a way to connect this garden tour with what I do. YES! It's the inspiration for another piece. I will use this memorial marker for the BC poet Gilean Douglas in a future piece. It appeals to me very much.
And now to the tour. It was inspiring! The gardens were unique (and beautiful of course), the people friendly (Cortesians? always!), and the weather exquisite. And my companions, Sudie, Hanne, and Corinne (who we picked up at the dump), were a super group.
We didn't get to all of the places, but did visit the museum, Chamadaska Nursery, the home of an ex-neighbor's parents (wow! 38 years of loving gardening!), and Channel Rock. This is the property and home of Gilean Douglas who died in 1993. She is a legend in coastal BC. What amazed me was that I never knew this place existed. It's a 20 minute hike through an old cedar forest (a spiritual place) and then you enter the ocean vista/garden/residential part. The property is now a part of an educational foundation that promotes sustainable business. We ate a delicious vegan lunch there and walked the gardens. A special place. We ended the day seeing a brand new baby garden (90 days old) is a new landscape job that is very impressive. At least I liked it...hope to see it on the tour in a few years.
Back at Squirrel Cove, we 4 women hopped in our boat and headed back home to Refuge Cove. Such a sweet day!
Next weekend is the Quadra Garden AND QUILT Tour so I'll have another garden report. Can't get enough of them.

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