Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Quilt journal time...the theme was wisdom. This was inspired by a visit to my archival tub of old pieces and fabrics.
This piece was found in the depths of my tub of old pieces.
I came upon a finished piece that I had for sale at the Cortes Craft Shop many years ago. I had stamped (using bleach product) one of my favorite sayings on it (full of wisdom!) and when I saw it, I wondered how I could use it for a quilt journal. At 20”x20”, it didn’t quite fit my size format. Should I cut out the words and attach them to another piece? Or start with a new piece?
The 2013 version...another quilt journal piece completed!
I had recently dyed what I call “moon” pieces, and decided I would free-motion stitch these wise words to the center of a sandwiched moon piece. After bleaching out the letters, I filled them in with a permanent blue pen. This was an easy one, bearing a message full of wisdom.

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