Thursday, August 29, 2013


This journal piece, with the theme of "intersections", was created in the spirit of play…piece some scraps together, stitch in some intersecting lines, and bleach out some line sections. My intent was to get a look at some of the color intersections of the bleached out fabric, but they turned out to be quite subtle, and not of great significance (to me).  The line pattern I chose was random and after it was all completed it reminded me of the boardwalks here at Refuge Cove, crisscrossed with timbers to strengthen them as they span across the moss covered rocks and scrub vegetation.
This piece really didn’t evoke much inside of me…there’s not a story attached to it for memories or significance, and the visual outcome wasn’t up to my expectations. It was just one more journal quilt I could check off of the list, and sometimes (not often, thankfully) that’s as good as it gets.
But it goes on.
I am in the midst of writing up a publishing proposal for my book Signs of Life: Techniques and Ideas for Including Signage and Script in Your Fiber Art. My goal is to have it completed and delivered by the time I leave Canada on September 10th. Currently I have quite a bit completed but I am trying to include many examples of my work which relates to the theme of this book. So a few days ago I decided to put together a “title page” and all of a sudden realized I was heading off in the same direction as my journal quilt on “intersections”. While in the middle of construction, I secretly was hoping that I would be happier with the outcome.
That thought must have been happening just as I was free-motioning the word script, because when I took a look at what I had written, it said “scrupt”. #*^$#%&(()!  And double %@@%*I! So I tore out the stitches, not that carefully, re-stitched the word, and continued working until it was completed. Hmmm…my personal jury is still out on this one, but it definitely follows the idea of its predecessor, “Intersections”. I haven’t decided if I will use this piece or not because it doesn’t follow the theme of the pieces I have created in the book…yes, it shows the signage and script part, but doesn’t include one of my whimsical birds. Hmmm…more decisions. (And there’s definitely a minor flaw on the “scrupt” repair.)
So... it is what it is. We'll see where it all goes.

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