Tuesday, January 12, 2010


She is a true sun-lover, hanging out at the beach at Stone Island from sun-up to sundown. She only wears the finest beach wear and always looks HOT! Her necklace states her mantra: SPF 4 ever! I think if she had a head, she'd certainly be wearing a hat.
hospice sue
Sunscreen Sue is my creation out of the wooden heart I was recently given by the local Hospice group. She will be placed in the silent auction at their fundraiser next month. Hopefully she will be a sunscreen reminder for one of the sun lovers here in Mazatlan.
The body was a challenge. I was hoping for much more cleavage, but 3-d in fabric is not my specialty! I was considering some sort of traditional Mexican garb, but this bikini trial took hold and I went with it. The feet, legs and necklace were embellished with my bleach tip. I embellished the legs, then wash out the dried bleach residue before stuffing and attaching them to the heart body, but the necklace was done on the finished product. I was nervous about the brown background fabric losing color, but it didn't.
sunscreen sue 005
 For me, I am much happier in my studio than on the beach. I love swimming, beachcombing and sunset strolls, but I can't do what Sunscreen Sue does. My skin doesn't like it. I'll just live vicariously through her and ALWAYS remember to wear my sunscreen!

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