Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Being a cruiseship day, which means an influx of possibly 10,000 tourists on one single day, we decided it would be wise to do our shopping early this morning. I noticed many large cake boxes in carts, at the register, being carried out, when finally it dawned on me: babycakes! The real name is Rosca de Reyes but I call them babycakes. Today is Dia de Tres Reyes (Three Kings Day), signifiying the gifts they brought to baby Jesus. It closes out the Christmas season here in Mexico and I would assume in other Hispanic countries too. These cakes (I believe typically without icing) are in a ring shape and imbedded deep inside are one or more tiny plastic baby Jesus dolls. If you find a baby Jesus in your slice of cake, then you are the one to supply the tamales at the party on February 2nd (my Catholic memories think this is called Candlemas Day). Babycakes.
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Dia de Tres Reyes is traditionally a gift giving day in Mexico. Although some families give gifts on Navidad, others wait until today, and probably there are some that use both days for gift-giving. I believe the tradition even may vary by region. For me it's a second chance; if I can't get my act together the first time around, then here's another opportunity to make up for it - which is exactly what happened this year. There are two sweet little cousins on my street whose parents are our friends. While on the search for holiday gifts, I decided I wanted to make them shirts...but it was December 22nd and I wasn't into the Christmas rush thing! Fortunately here in Mexico, today is a second chance for gifts, and that's just what I did.I printed the names on the shirts, then hung them on a hanger, creased right across the name.  I carefully suspended them into a bucket of pink dye, then over time added more soda ash or water. I was so happy with the gradation result.
Stay tunes for a picture of these sweet little girls modeling their shirts! Babycakes!

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