Thursday, January 7, 2010


Linda's gift of 30 yards of white rayon has gone a long way. Three of us are making shirts (in process), and now a fourth has joined in to make chenille shawls, approximately 2' x 6'. There were 16 yards to divide among us and Karen showed up with black rayon to share with us for the backing. We all chose individual colors for dyeing each of the four layers (last week's step) and now we're on our own for prepping. Today was my day for this part of the process.
chenille prep 002
I carefully taped the black to my 6' table as that rayon slips and slides like crazy. I began laying the other pieces on top, one at a time, squaring to the black. Since I want to trim the sides with black, I cut the colored layers so they had 1" of black on each side. Then starting in the middle, I basted the 5 layers together for hopefully a little less slipping as I sew. After stitching and slicing, I'll be able to turn the black over and hand stitch. I haven't quite solved the issue of how to do the black fringe on the ends but I have a few ideas. Karen has experience with chenille (oh that beautiful vest!) and recommends stitching on the bias...that's my next step. Then I'll be slicing between the stitch lines, finishing with trim and fringe, and washing to get that lovely chenille effect.  I can't wait!

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