Wednesday, November 5, 2008


On the road...
Blogging and displaying and showing off my wares have not been on my priority list these days…these days of packing and lists and finishing up a pile of projects that I slowly but surely add to my red, wheeling, quilt travel bag. Now, all packed up and on the road, we are hanging out for a few days in Mount Vernon, Washington, before flying off for our winter in Mazatlan. There I have a full winter ahead, of displays and workshops and reconnecting with friends and fellow fabric nuts, and savoring the culture and people I have come to love so much. And of course there’s that language practice, an elementary practice on my part, but nevertheless, a significant part of my Mexican life that certainly does wonders for stretching my brain. Ouch!

For November’s Webwalk, it’s most fitting to highlight some of these projects I’ve been working so hard on this past month. After taking Pamela Allen’s class, I was moved to push my work into more of the compositional realm, and happily finished 2 of the 4 pieces I began at the workshop(below and above).
I am trying to stretch myself to try new free motion patterns, mostly in a closed shape which allows me to use discharging or dyeing within these shapes and patterns. I’ll still use stippling, but I’m trying to keep it as the last option on my list. Beyond Pamela’s inspiration, I have been on a discharge kick by creating totes which you’ll see below. Then to blend the two methods (discharging and composition), I began making fiber spirit masks which are a terrific combination of the skills I have been playing with.
Where am I heading now? My ideas flow toward more compositional work with a Mexican theme, hopes to find a project for my Mexican sewing ladies to embrace beyond their current lines (increasing those options), and being open to all that comes my way…
It’s exciting. Almost as exciting as the emotions I have on this election day in the U.S.. I believe we may be on the brink of mending our colorful quilt of tattered American hopes and dreams. At least I am hopeful.

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