Saturday, November 15, 2008


My blogging history has rusted over the fall - first up north with intermittent power for my computer, then with transitions and travel, and now with cleaning and organizing for another season here in Mazatlan. My studio is now up and running, thanks to Tom for the fresh paint job, and a bit of elbow grease to wash away a summer's worth of dust and grime. It feels great and I am planning new projects and fun classes. More later on that!
In Mexico, the Day of the Dead (Nov. 2nd) is a special day to remember those who have passed before us. I made the piece above for a "south of the border" theme in my quilt journal group. I love seeing the beautiful tile work here and often times it will change to an oddball color here and there. My stitched and discharged skeletons represent my sister, Ginny, my parents, Mary and Arturo, friends Patty, Larry, and Ernie.

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