Thursday, November 20, 2008


Our southbound migration is now complete and we have arrived in our winter's nest.
Mazatlan. Beautiful Mazatlan.
The sparkling water greets us with each lap at the shoreline.
The doorways and arches of the resident architecture beckon us to enter.
The swaying palms wave us closer with a rhythm that says "slow down".
Our friends, neighbors and local vendors call out their welcoming words:
"hola", "bienvenidos", "great to see you", "estoy feliz a verte".
The banners and flags announce the pulse of the city: fiesta, dance, love, family, happiness despite adversity, music, food, celebration.
Mazatlan. Beautiful Mazatlan.
We are welcomed by your spirit.
We are welcomed by your beauty.
We are welcomed by your people.Add Image

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