Saturday, February 28, 2015


"A Path to St. Johns" by Carol Wilborn (45"x45")
Yesterday I was stopped in my tracks at the Portland, OR airport as I was bee-lining it to my flight back to Medford. The long, well-lit hall leading toward Concourse A was lined on both sides with TWO attractive fiber art displays that made me park my suitcase and take some time to enjoy these beautiful quilts. Here is info about the show along with other pieces. I was wonderfully reconnected with memories of living in this city in the mid 80's when I was working on my Masters degree. Daily I traveled over one or more of the bridges that dot Portland's skyline.

I love the night scene here.

This digital-like image title " The Bridge of Life" by Janet Murdock was particularly interesting.

Then I turned around for the next exhibit:

By this time I was needing to get to my flight, so two photos needed to suffice.

IF in the airport, head to Concourse A for a fiber treat!

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