Thursday, March 6, 2014


My time in Mazatlan is soon to come to a close. Today was my last day of dyeing and I've been using every last little bit of my Dharma cotton to build up my stash for upcoming productive sewing days up north. Yesterday was all about solids and today was all about textures and patterns...except for that beet colored solid I produced at the end of today's session.

They are lovely and I can't wait to get back to Oregon where I have a machine, and DON'T have a dye studio that constantly calls my name: "Mary, Mary! Come visit me!"

Had a few moments of wonderful discovery and exploratory play today. It suddenly occurred to me, as I tapped a spoon (that had remnants of powdered dye on it) into the sink and realized I was looking at something that resembled fireworks. (My mind must be in fireworks mode as Carnaval just ended here in Maz.)

I decided to try the same idea on my large tray, flooding it first with a thin layer of water, then so very carefully tapping tiny amounts of powdered dye on it. It was so fun to play with this and also got out a small syringe to so very carefully apply drops of water to manipulate the scene. FUN!

When I placed a wet soda ashed piece over it all, the result was much like "water color" scenes I have produced in the past. I didn't capture the firework burst effect, but I will keep trying...I have a few ideas.

Thank goodness for ideas!!!

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