Sunday, March 16, 2014


This is only amigas, rather than amigos, because I did not have any men in my classes this year . Maybe in 2015 I will find some men who like to dye! I think using a photo like that above might help when advertising. Or maybe a SPORTS figure with a tie-dyed shirt on!
But the women and girls who showed up at my studio had fun, created some amazing items, and helped to make my winter in Mexico extra special!
Rosemary was a faithful attendee every week. I would say that her dyeing is all about PLAY! She loves to explore and try anything NEW! Here she is printing a cheesecloth texture onto a rayon scarf.

Kathe also showed up once a week. She is the queen of fabric books for her grandchildren, and also the queen of bridge, belly dancing, fitness walking and everything fun! I wish you could get a good look at her work was a work of art in itself! She now has a huge stash of fabrics to work on her projects this summer. Yes summer! In Mazatlan that's when projects get's too hot and humid to do anything outside.
Emita, above, is standing next to the curtain that her mother, Emma just dyed and created for her Mazatlan boutique, YeYe. This was a huge project of spiraling 4 large pieces of manta and hoping they all meshed together. The result is beautiful and Emita is happy! Emma is the recipient of all my unused liquid dyes when I leave Maz. She doesn't have access to these dyes and wants to keep on going with the process. Go Emma!

Nancy brought her canvas lounge pads, all stained and worn. We doused them in soda-ash and then she brushed on every blue I had. They are now fresh and clean and lovely BLUE! Her partners that day were Mary and Mary. There were lots of Marys that day! One dyed solids and the other gave new life to old clothes! They visit my studio once a year and we had a great time dyeing and catching up!

Sharon was one of my early students and a newbie to dyeing. As a fellow Oregonian, we have so much in common. I hope to see her again next year!

My neighbor, Amanda, came on two occasions with her sister and niece to dye shirts...once for a team and the second time so her family could all have matching Carnaval shirts. They'll be back, along with other neighbors I believe.

Adios also to Barb and her sister Margot, visitors Vicki and Judy, Sharon F.. We know how to have a good time don't we. Thank you all!

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