Thursday, May 2, 2013


The recent news of letters tainted with ricin being sent to high officials (Obama being one) is a bit problematic for our group of traveling friends. Just because ricin is an extract of castor beans, which can then be administered in very small amounts to kill someone, doesn’t mean we’re in on the sadistic side of it.

It was just a silly passing comment, perhaps aimed at an annoying woman or uncooperative spouse, that castor beans could be the solution. After a few more references to the power of the castor bean (all in fits of laughter of course!) we quickly claimed the name for our traveling partnership: Sisters of the Castor Bean!

Each year a group of eight women (with members floating in and out with life’s demands) travels to a Spanish speaking destination. Our tie that binds us is that we all spend the winter (or longer, for some) in Mazatlan. AND we really like each other and have lots of fun together. So far, we have been to Michoacan, Oaxaca, Mexico City and surrounds, Chiapas, Guatamala, and next year to Costa Rica.

Last year we were greeted at the airport in Guatemala City by our van driver (sweet Guillermo) holding up the name of our group. It was the perfect beginning to another fabulous trip.
But now this castor bean/ricin attention is not good for our group. Do we need to hide our identity just to stay on the safe side? Is it like joking about bombs and guns when you go through security at the airport?

I think Sisters of the Castor Bean should carry their name with pride! Think of it this way…if the FBI shows up at our doors, we’ll all go down together and make it another great trip!

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bkreut said...

Great collage Mary, just love it... I want one!!!

You are so talented my friend...