Thursday, June 28, 2012


In Mexico we filter our water four times from the time it comes into the house to the moment we drink it. There are two major filters at the door, bringing in water from the city, that sometimes look like a filthy, dirty coffee pot…the locals call the liquid that comes in “cafĂ©”. Then it goes to our tap, from where we put it into our PUR water pitcher/filter. It looks great at the point of leaving the tap, and tastes okay too.

The two large filters at the door have a large paper filter inside. Tom changes them every few months. Inside is a long cylinder of holes, similar to curlers we would wear in our hair as teenagers, except longer. I wrap fabric around them and secure it all with rubber bands/elastics/ligas. I also bought some of the shorter hair rollers at the dollar store. I use the clamp that comes with them and rubber bands too.

On this day I wrapped 10”x14” pieces of white cotton in the manner described and the result was some amazing pieces. I used them in the piece above of the hummingbird. I think this fabric, put together into a hummer, is very effective against the dark blue background.

Here at Refuge Cove, we get our water from a creek,which is high in the winter and low in the summer. Some years have been very dry and we have had to monitor our use. Wanting more control over the water, we put in our own 3000 gallon tank. There is nothing worse then not being able to water the garden, or wash clothes. Here too, we have four filters.There is a filtering box at the creek, a filter from the creek line to the tank, another filter from tank line to the house, and another Pur pitcher/filter that fills our glasses. This water is delicious.

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