Tuesday, June 26, 2012


My friend Pam from Mazatlan wrote me recently and asked if I had tried ice dyeing. I responded by telling here that I wanted to know about it: (please Google and let me know). She sent back this link http://www.bloombakecreate.com/2011/02/ice-dyeing/ and my imagination was off and running.

Why not try freezing dye and soda ash into ice cubes? In my next dyeing session, I filled small cups with these liquids and stuck them into my freezer for another day.

Another day arrived and I set about organizing three different scenarios: liquid dye with frozen soda ash, liquid soda ash with frozen dye, and frozen dye with frozen soda ash.

Of course there are other variables that could have been introduced: size of ice chunks (mine were large, about 2”x2”…I could have crushed the ice into small pieces), melt time (perhaps putting it in the fridge for a SLOW melt), and concentration of solution (mine was pretty strong). Regardless, I found my results to be similar to parfait dyeing, but with more white/light spaces. I think this is definitely worthy of more experiments.

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