Sunday, March 18, 2012


Last week I went on the most wonderful retreat with a group of girlfriends. We loaded in one van (6+driver) and drove north one hour from Mazatlan, turned off at the “59” marker, then wound around on dirt roads for another twenty minutes until we landed at Barras de Piaxtla, the site of our three day mosaic workshop. Gail Blackburn, owner and creator of her resort, La Rosa de las Barras, was not only inviting us all to stay at her wonderful ocean side retreat, but also to learn about making mosaics. For inspiration and ideas, we didn’t have to look far - they were everywhere: showers, tabletops, doorsteps, sink tops, etc., all produced by multi-talented Gail. We shuttled up the hill to her home and studio which she shared for our workshop, and after a brief intro to the craft we were off and running to producing our own creations. With the sweeping view of the Pacific in front of us, along with her hillside organic garden below us, we happily worked (and played) for 3 days on our individual mosaics.
For sustenance we were treated to amazing meals of her local cook extraordinaire, Judith (pronounced Yoo-deet) and cared for at the resort by another local, Carmen. (I really wanted to take these women home with me.)
 Each evening we gathered at the shore for a beautiful sunset, and gathered again in the hot tub just before retiring.
On day 2, Gail took orders for manicures/pedicures/massages by Benita (at nominal prices), and many of us took advantage. This was a fantastic (5 star!) vacation full of creativity, relaxation, great food, pampering and best of all, friendship. Thank you Gail for providing this time for us!
Construction of my journal quilt: This little quilt fits under the theme of “just stitching”. I knew I wanted to use a solid color but didn’t have any idea of the content until I was looking at Gail’s brochure the other day. On the front is the prominent lighthouse that graces the point and defines this beachfront community. It was the perfect icon to remember my Barras de Piaxtla experience.  I chose a navy blue, solid hand-dye and marked where I wanted to stitch with chalk. To keep with the nautical feel, I trimmed it in red. Sweet and simple!

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Kate said...

I am jealous, Mary. Wish I could have been with you. Recognize some faces in your photo.