Monday, February 27, 2012


So goes my shaky Spanish: goodby month of love, part 1!
Really, where did February go? Which is much like the question I asked myself last weekend: how'd I get to be 59?
Even though we're blessed with a 29th day this year, the month has flown by.
Midst my trip to Chiapas and an added escape to Guadalajara during our city's Carnaval celebration, we had four fun dyeing days in my studio. One session was particularly busy with my Minnesota friend, Mary (another Mary, aka Orange Mary as that is the color she almost always wears), as she tie dyed meters and meters of fabric for her granddaughter's SKIRTS FOR PEACE project. Check it out on the web:
During the last five years, Mazatlan has really found it's place in the art scene. My friend, Glen Rogers, brought the First Friday Artwalk to our town and it truly is a fantastic, crowd-drawing event. I participated for the first three years, but then dropped out to focus on my groups and my slow-to-produce craft that doesn't lend itself well to commercialism. I was missing having my work "out there" so happily participated in Glen's gallery, Luna ( for the annual Valentine show. The one directly above is my "credit card" piece I call "Circles of Love".  I thickened different colors of dye, squirted them on my treated fabric, then spread the color to fill in the spaces with the side of an old credit card. It was fun, easy, and I just had to quilt it!

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