Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Our journey south to Mazatlan has taken on a new look this year.southwest1 028
No more drive till we die, blast through the miles, or end our days cranky, sore and tired. We have turned over a new leaf...it's called  the NO-SCHEDULE road trip!  After wonderful visits with friends and family along I-5, we then ventured east to new territory for us, namely the amazing parklands of southern Utah - Cathedral Gorge, Red Rock, Cedar Break, Bryce Canyon and Zion! We are loving it and are in awe and breathless wonder over the colors, textures and formations that meet us at every glance.  Add in the brilliant fall colors and today's first dusting of snow, and it truly is Mother Nature at her finest. 
  southwest1 109                                                                                 
Of course I'm wondering how I'll put some of this imagery into my work. It's that amazing combination of vertical and horizontal in the rock formations that I think about capturing.  And those colors....the clay reds, the burnt oranges, splashes of gray and brown, aspens with sparkling yellow diamond leaves. The shapes, the light, the depth and layers....the powerful images are ruminating inside of me.  This traveling break is just the inspiration I have needed!
So onward we go....Arizona, New Mexico, Texas bound before heading to our Mexican home.
Many many thanks to our great hosts over the miles:  Ray and Diane (Cortes Island), Jim and Sharon (Sidney), Scott and Donna (Anacortes), Chris and Dave (Vancouver, WA.), Kathe and Mike (Ashland), Cathy (Redding), and Michelle and Mark (Big Bend, CA.). These are  our five star friends!

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