Monday, October 26, 2009


fresh picked
Our travels have taken us through areas of the beautiful Southwest that are new to us: Zion, Bryce, Flagstaff, Sedona, Prescott, and Santa Fe. On arriving at this last stop, it became apparent that it was worthy of a much longer visit to really explore all of the art and energy and creativity that was so apparent. I scoured the visitors' guide for ideas on what to experience, and I realized that our Friday/Saturday visit coincided with the local Farmer's Market, and I knew I couldn't  miss it!  Organic meat, vegies, artisan cheese, breads, apples, flowers, herbal products and more.  It was a huge display and wonderfully supported by locals and tourists (like us!). I was happy to see worm colonies for composting available, and of course was looking for any new sewing ideas I might pick up and borrow (there were one or two!). We purchased fresh bread, some garlic/caper goat cheese, a jar of pepper jelly, and a few apples for our picnic lunch along the Rio Grande Gorge near Taos.  It was fantastic! Santa Fe, we'll be back!
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