Friday, July 9, 2010


desolation sound 008
On a day like today, it's hard to understand how this area where I spend my summers came to be known as Desolation Sound. It has such an ominous and lonely feel to the name. It must have been a stormy December day when Captain Vancouver first arrived in these waters and bestowed what he believed to be a fitting title to the area. This week, with our crystal clear, hot days,  it deserves a name like Island Heaven.
This is a boaters' mecca. Be it big or small, fancy or simple, sail or power, kayak or rowboat, this is the place to be. There are a wealth of lovely anchorages where you can imagine that you are the only one alive, communing with eagles and songbirds, the lapping tideline, the beach walks and the sunsets. Or you can visit one of the interesting coastal communities, (like mine at Refuge Cove), where there is always a colorful character or new friend to chat with, a washers game to observe (much like horseshoes), or groceries to stock up on. If you are the hunter/gatherer type, you may want to try your hand at fishing, setting a prawn trap, or harvesting clams or oysters. Or maybe just kicking back and doing a lot of nothing. And did I mention could I forget swimming. We have the warmest waters north of Mexico. Summer water temps are often near 70.  (The large mass of Vancouver Island protects us from the cold Pacific waters.) There is nothing desolate about this area ... it is rich with nature and activities and experiences and true coastal beauty.
For my husband and I, we relish the getaway-ness of it all. No malls, no roads - just one small grocery store and hiking trails. I go for a major shopping trip about every 2 months, and then just sit back and bake, cook and eat! Our home is a five mninute walk up a rocky bluff - we call it our built in gymnasium. Our garden provides us with salads and veggies, and our daily prawn trap pull adds to the stash in our freezer. About twice a week, we feast on prawn kabobs, shrimp curry, or some other delectable feast. Good friends and good books (and my faithful sewing machine), along with never ending outdoor chores, keep us happy and healthy.
Island Heaven...that's where I live.

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