Saturday, July 3, 2010


journal quilts
These are some of my journal junkies, quilt journal junkies that is. Terry, on the left, and Barb to the right, are two of 13 in our online quilt journal group, Cyber Fibres. They are standing in front of a display of 40 of our quilts at the recent Quadra Island Quilt and Garden Tour. Both of these gals worked hard on the display, securing them (with small stories attached) and tidying them up for their DEBUT event. Close to 200 visitors checked out our quilts, our stories, and Phil Stone's lovely garden where they were housed. It was wonderful to be a part of it all.
I've been a part of this group since September of 2008. I joined simply because I liked the idea and I wanted to have an outlet for my work. I never imagined how connected I'd become to the other quilters, most whom I've never met in person. I never imagined how I'd cherish my little pieces of quilt and story that reflect my life. I never imagine I'd be touting the wonders of quilt journaling.
For now, I am stuck on June's theme of "All Tied Up". One of these days, soon I hope, it will all click and come together - the idea, the connection, the fabric, the image, the story - and I will proceed on another of my quilt journal adventures.

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