Saturday, December 11, 2010


from driver 658Oh, it's great to be back in Mazatlan! The friends, the culture, the colors and the festivities!

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And that sun! We left chilly and gray Oregon to enter the warm winter days of Mexico. To the locals, this is a cool winter, but for us, it's perfect. Of course one of our first days was to visit beautiful Stone Island with its breathtaking beaches and leisurely palapa restaurants.

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Restaurants? Food? This year I'm finding I have much less energy to cook at home. Heck, it's hard to put together a meal for the price of street food. And so delicious too! We've been hopping on Tom's scooter and searching for new and interesting places.

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And all the beautiful textiles and crafts here. I've been busy getting my own studio set up for fun winter playdays! Check my class schedule to see what I have in store.

Yes, we've been busy in the 10 days we've been here. Maybe that's why we both started feeling a bit punky the other day. Now we're both laying low with "la gripa" (bad colds), but thinking of all the wonderful ways we're going to take advantage of this wonderful scene once we're feeling better!
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