Wednesday, December 1, 2010


last day trailer 021
Cribbage.  This game is a mainstay of our marriage. My husband, Tom, taught me to play 30+ years ago and rarely a day goes by that we don’t play. Somewhere around 4 or 5 pm, we stop whatever activity we’re up to and join together at the dining room table, cocktail and snack on board, and play our best two out of three game match. Keeping score on a piece of masking tape affixed to our crib board adds to the competitive spirit. There is no prize for the winner, just the opportunity to gloat and rub in the loss to the loser. The tourney ends when we pack up and move to our next station in our gypsy lifestyle.
I wanted to play with design elements on this one: shape, line, angle, number, balance, etc. I “bleach-dotted” some colored strips to resemble crib boards, arranged and rearranged, then found space for buttons in lines of five to add a bit of interest.  I bound it in white and wrote out scoring sequences around the perimeter.
Tonight was our last match of this tourney…bright and early tomorrow morning we leave for Mexico where we’ll start another strip of masking tape on our crib board. And thank goodness because I lost horribly in this one and I HATE TO LOSE! Tomorrow is a new beginning!

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